B-202 EVA base ten set (121PCS) 十進位積木

S-9240 Overhead Base 10 Set 透明十進位(黃色)

Keep the noise level down with these Base Ten Blocks. Base ten blocks provide concrete models that give meaning to place value and operations of whole numbers, decimals, and algebra concepts.
1cm cubes 100 pcs,10cm bar 10 pcs, flats 10pcs, decimeter cube 1pc
This 31-piece set helps to guide lessons using base ten blocks. Includes 20 units, 10 tens, and 1 hundred in bright orange.

S-7101 Fraction bar 1~10cm 1~10公分砝碼數棒

B-TA102  Quiet Shape Color cubes.1”(102PCS) 正方體1”

10PCS 1~10CM,10 colors, Length:1cm=1g,2cm=2g,3cm=3g...10cm=10g
These one-inch Color Cubes come in six colors (blue, green, orange, purple, yellow and red) and are excellent for counting, sequencing and problem solving activities.

S-7134 1cm/1g linking cubes 10 colors(1000PCS) 公分公克連接方塊

S-7135 2cm linking cubes 10 colors (100PCS) 2公分連接方塊10色

These connecting one centimeter/1 gram cubes can be joined together as students work on graphing, weighing, measuring, counting and sorting exercises. Available in a set of ten colors.
S-7134X (including S-8401 Liter Cube with Lid) Cube holds a liter of 2 cm cubes stacked  5 x 5 x 5 or 1 cm cubes stacked10x 10 x 10.

These cubes link together on all sides providing stability for busy hands. They stay together as students create patterns, count, measure, and explore spatial relationships and problem solving. Each of the four sides has a different geometric shape cutout to provide for additional pattern attributes. Set of 100 cubes in 10 different colors.



S-6527  2cm/8g Cubes box (80PCS) 2公分8公克方塊

S-7136 1cm/1g cubes 10 colors (1000PCS) 10色公分公克方塊

Brightly colored plastic cubes in 10 colors that weigh 8 grams and measure 2 cm3 each. Use with a balance for weight applications, stacking, counting, graphing, sorting, spatial visualization and volume.
One Centimeter Cube weighs one gram and measures 1 cm3. That's just the beginning. Applications for these cubes include sorting, counting, weighing, graphing and measuring. Great versatility.  Available in ten color assortments.
S-7212 Stacking Counters 10色小鋼盔 S-7215 Plastic Square Color Tiles 0.5公分厚1”方塊
Bright counters stack together to make learning how to count easy and fun. 500 pieces per pkg. Assorted colors.
Like more expensive counting cubes, these versatile, plastic 1" color tiles are used to develop basic arithmetic skills by using the materials to model different math concepts. Because of their flat, rectangular shape, color tiles are used by children to build vertical, horizontal, or rectangular patterns. Set of 400 tiles in four colors in a plastic storage bucket.
S-8712 Quiet Counters 軟質圓圓板

S-6529 100PCS Abacus box (10colors) 算盤珠(十色)

Red, blue, yellow, green, purple, and orange plastic disks. 1" diameter. Pkg. of 500.
The abacus diameter is 2.5CM, center hole is 0.5CM, in 10 color for 10PCS, 3 ropes and 1 storage box. These are excellent for counting, sequencing and problem solving activities.

S-8210 Space puzzles 空間大師

S-6509 Triangle puzzles百變金塔
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